Within this page contains of poetry and some poetry in the form of haikus all of which were written by Jamie Jones. One of these days, I will make it a goal to have each of my short stories, haikus, and poems published into one single book a reality instead of just a dream. These poems and haikus have been written since the year 2012. I apologize in advance if some of the dates seem a bit out of order.

Licensed under: Creative Commons

New To The You Hands Of Time Fade To Black A Place
Alone Haiku – Bonsai Haiku – Books a series Contagion
Emptiness Family Fear For My Friend
Haunted-Carousel Haunted-Places Hope I Won’t Quit
Immortality Milk And Cookies Missing You My Love
My Name Is Mr. G Nintendo’s Creator Died Ode To Books Ode To Piano
Rumors A Haiku – School Sonnet To Tristan Spider,Spider
Ticking Tired To Dream Too Many, Too Soon
Victims and Bullies Wasteland We Are All People