Forgiveness = peace of mind!

Posted on: January 15, 2018 • Filed Under: Babbles, General, Internet, Life • With: 1 Comment

Lately, I’ve been watching these murder shows i.e. “I solved a murder,” and “The first 48 hours.” Why? Simply due to boredom and that I didn’t really have much going on at that time of my life. I don’t know what intrigued me to start watching these shows, as I have never done so in the first place, but something about those shows just draws me back even though they are reruns.

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How I got my email address…

Posted on: December 18, 2017 • Filed Under: Babbles, General, Internet, Life • With: 3 Comments

Since the year 1998, I’ve had quite a number of email addresses, and all of which had some kind of meaning behind the usernames. During my many email addresses that I’ve had since that time period, only a few are still in use, while the others simply were deactivated, have forgotten about, or have lost their passwords. Whatever the reasons maybe due to having all these email addresses over the span of my being on the Internet, all of them have some sort of meaning, which only a few people online have ever asked about.

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