My Favorite Holidays

Posted on: December 29, 2017 • Filed Under: Babbles, Blog, General, Life • With: 14 Comments

It appears to me that I’ve never really written about what my favorite holidays have been, and why they’re my favorite holidays. I guess it’s because the thought of writing about my favorite holidays has never really crossed my mind, until just a few moments ago. While I understand that most of these holidays are celebrated throughout the United States and most likely elsewhere, just called different, or some aren’t even celebrated at all, I am still going to explain why some of these holidays are my favorites.

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Online Insecurities

Posted on: December 1, 2017 • Filed Under: Blog, General, Life • With: 2 Comments

Over the years of my blogging, I never truly blogged about any of my insecurities. This is most likely due to my stalker issue that seemed to have stopped once I cut out the comments from my blog. This post was actually inspired from my friend Lysianthus‘ recent post about qualities she wished she had but didn’t.

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