Name: Jamie
Location: California
Occupation: College Student
Major: Web Development
Likes: Web Design, Books, Book Reviews, Music, Movies, My boyfriend, and Animals
Dislikes: Bullies, Liars, Being misjudged, Under cooked food, Fights, Belittlement, Essays
Hobbies: Drawing, Poetry, Web Design, Exercising
Personality: Your typical girl next door with smart-ass attitude, but is very easy-going, and most of the time laid-back.
Catchphrase: Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. If you’ve tried it and still don’t like it, then you can knock it.

I’m a pretty easy-going female with a smart-ass attitude. I’m also very laid-back and am very low-key maintenance unless my buttons are pushed to the max. I’m just an overall nice person until you reach my breaking point.

I’m a 5’1″ tall female who was born in the eighties and grew up in the 90s. I’m a lover a music and love just about all the genres, but my all time music genre are oldies but goodies (1950s – 1960s), Rhythm and Blues, and Rock N’ Roll music. My favorite singers include: Meat Loaf, Dion, Tool, Dion and The Belmonts, Oingo Boingo, Metallica, Creedance Clearwater Revival (C.C.R.), Elvis Presley, and many others!

I love the sound of rain and love watching a good horror movie while it rains.

I also love the colors green, blue, and red as well as their different shades.

When I am not slaving away at my college Mount San Jacinto College or studying, I can be found at either my desktop computer or my laptop messing around on my websites. Not only can I be found at my desktop computer and/or laptop, I can be found reading all kinds of books ranging from Science to HTML to Stephen King.


Registered: September 13, 2017
Launched: November 24, 2017

How I got the domain name:
Since I can always be found writing something via my blog(s) or my journal at home, I decided to purchase a domain name that actually represents me as a whole person, and that’s an author of sorts. I got this domain because I definitely have a LOT to say about other things in life and not so much about my personal life.

My blogging history:
In the year 1998, my friend surprised me with an account on the once known website Geocities with a one page shrine to those celebrities that I liked. I became highly interested in how she put together the website and asked how she had learned. At this same time, blogging was introduced to me and started blogging with the other bloggers out there. Some web designers that I was speaking too actually pushed me in the right direction to start learning on my own so I won’t have to ask others to do my work for me. I searched high and low on the Internet when I stumbled upon a really cool resource website and learned most, if not all, my HTML and CSS knowledge from there. What I did not know, I learned from others, and from books.